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Vaak gestelde vragen

  • Screening
    After your registration you will receive a questionnaire from us via email. For your and our safety, we ask you to fill this in as completely and honestly as possible. These questions are about your physical and mental health. There are also questions about you that are important in your life and your motivation why you would like to participate as a participant. Because some drugs cannot coexist with Ayahuasca (which consists of an MAOI and DMT and can increase heart rate and blood pressure). Our team can inform you about this, but we always advise you to consult with your doctor or pharmacy whether it is safe for you to participate with your medication. This also applies to certain diseases or conditions. We want to do everything we can to exclude health risks.
  • Contraindications
    Safety is paramount at MindTravellers. In some cases we can strongly advise you not to make an Ayahuasca trip. There are medicines that contain an MAO inhibitor, just like Ayahuasca. These combinations can be life-threatening. Medicines that do not go well with Ayahuasca are, for example, anti-depressants, blood pressure lowers and beta-blockers. Certain physical and mental conditions can also give a contraindication. It is then not wise and sometimes even dangerous to participate. See also: http: // We ask that you have completely stopped taking anti-depressants at least a few weeks in advance. Keep in mind a sensible reduction schedule, do not stop all at once, and always do this in consultation with your doctor. We check everything for this with the health declaration form that you will receive. Take this very seriously and, if in doubt, always consult us, your doctor or pharmacy.
  • Preparation
    To get the most out of your trip, it is important to prepare yourself mentally, physically but also energetically. The right mindset (intention, physical state of mind) and setting (circumstance in which Plant Medicine is drunk, guidance, ritual, music, etc.) largely determine the outcome of your experience. Preparing physically and energetically means that it is best not to eat dairy products and red meat prior to the ceremony. Salt and sugar as little as possible. In this way you can start your journey as 'pure' as possible. These preparations also help with your entire process, after all, you are consciously cleaning yourself. 48 hours before and 48 hours after the trip it is better not to eat food containing Tyramine, as this can raise your blood pressure during the ceremony. Tyramine is included in: Alcohol (also non-alcoholic beer) Different types of cheese Processed meat, fish and game products Eat as light as possible the day before the trip and use little or no fat. This ensures that your blood pressure remains as low as possible. It also reduces the risk of nausea and headaches. It is better not to eat anything in the last hours before the trip. Do not take medication in the last three days before the trip. The contraceptive pill is an exception to this. Take this well before the trip in connection with vomiting. We also advise not to have sex a few days before the ceremony, so that you keep all your energy in your own body. Tip: download the Trip app (Psychedelic guidance- from Field Trip Health), it contains many wonderful meditations, news and other tools to prepare you for your trip.
  • Intentions
    Just as important to have a good reason to travel with us, it is important to think about setting an intention. That's like preparing a compass for your journey. This way you can get the most out of your trip. What do you hope to achieve with your journey, what would you like to get out of it? A psychedelic experience is not just something, conscious preparation provides guidance; making - or thinking about - an intention is part of that. Over the next few days, think about this carefully, and write it down if necessary. In the group session beforehand you can share this intention if you wish, but of course you decide whether you want this.
  • On the day of the trip
    And then the day of the journey is here. When you arrive, we first show you all our rooms. If you have booked a group tour, we will first do an introduction round so that everyone gets to know each other a little bit. We then start with an information session in which we explain how the ceremony goes, what you can expect and how we work together. Before the journey begins, the intentions are shared. If you prefer to keep these to yourself, that's fine too. Then you get the tea handed out and then you lie on your mattress and close your eyes. We have beautiful music that fits these psychedelic journeys. This way you can get in touch with your deep emotions. Of course we as supervisors are always near you to help you when the going gets tough. The journey itself takes approximately 6 to 8 hours. Afterwards there is a vegetarian meal with a healthy soup and plenty of time to share experiences with alone or each other.
  • How long does a psychedelic journey take?
    Ayahuasca works between six and eight hours. Including reception and 'landing' between 8 and 10 am. The trips with Magic Truffles are generally slightly shorter, between four and 6 hours.
  • Can I just go to the toilet during the trip?
    Yes you can. Although you are in your own world during your journey, you can still see and somewhat understand the normal world. If you want to go to the toilet you can just get up and walk. You will always be accompanied by a MindTravellers guide to make sure you don't lose your balance. We make sure you go to the toilet safely and get back on your mattress.
  • What are you taking with you?
    In any case, bring clothes that fit you well. Because we do not wear shoes in the ceremony room, it is nice to bring slippers or slippers. Also bring everything you need to stay with us. For the walk, walking shoes and a jacket are fine. You can bring swimming gear for the river dive.
  • Our location
    Our space We would like to welcome you in our old spacious building that we bought in 2006. It has recently been adapted with a large kitchen, beautiful ceremony space in the center of the Netherlands; namely in Culemborg. It is close to the river, a nice place to integrate the Ayahuasca journey. You will feel right at home with us, the atmosphere is homey and there are plenty of places to find your peace if you prefer not to be in company. There are plenty of sleeping places in shared areas, sleeping in the ceremony room is also possible. We stand for peace and purity; so healthy and fresh food and fresh bedding!
  • The Guidance
    The experienced guides are experienced travelers and are there to lovingly assist you throughout the journey with their knowledge and experience. They ensure peace and tranquility during the ceremony so that everyone feels safe. With their own Ayahuaca travel experience and often therapeutic background, they can understand what is happening and therefore support you as best as possible. Even after the trip it is nice to work with the new insights, ideas and feelings. By looking at how you can apply what you have seen and learned in the journey, in your daily life. Sometimes feedback from experienced supervisors can be helpful.
  • The integration
    We think integration is an important, if not the most important part of your entire experience. An ayahuasca or psilocybin journey is actually part of the healing experience you can have, with a psychedelic experience. It is important that you take the time and space to get started with your insights. How you want to apply it in your daily life. In order to apply all new ideas and thoughts in your daily life as best as possible, time has been scheduled for this the next day. We then reflect with each other during a sharing, what we have felt, seen and learned. By sharing these experiences with others, and also receiving the experiences from others, a more complete picture of the meaning of everything is created. We think it is important to remain open to this, even after this weekend. After breakfast we start with this sharing. With a token, everyone in turn gets 'the word' and can tell about their feelings and share what they want in their own way. After that you can paint or take a mindful walk along the river. These are also often beautiful moments of reflection and sharing. For your own integration, we refer to the Trip app, which contains beautiful articles and meditations to further shape the insights you have gained.
  • What is a 'bad trip'? can you get stuck in a trip?
    There are stories of people 'getting stuck in their trip'. Usually this means that people are still upset for a while after experiencing a psychedelic experience. We believe that a fearful, difficult or challenging psychedelic experience can be very meaningful. It is possible that a bad feeling lingers, then it is wise to continue your integration process with an integration coach or another professional. During your journey you will be unconditionally supported by our team to work through something. We see you when you are having a hard time and then assist you. It can be very powerful to learn to deal with a challenge such as a painful memory or an emotion that you would rather not feel. How you can best deal with difficult emotions, thoughts and feelings is part of the preparation. Which you can do yourself, but which will also be told during the introduction. You can also ask questions about this during the screening process. In short, you can say that plant medicines help you in a process to experience and heal unprocessed feelings. So you're going to feel better and that doesn't mean you're going to feel better right away. This is normal, it often happens when you are in therapy.
  • Will a psychedelic journey solve my problems?
    Have all my problems been solved after the ayahuasca trip? No, definitely not. You get a lot of new insights, you can look through a new door, but you have to take the steps yourself that will take you further. So it can be a catalyst for a change process, but change is a choice you have to make yourself. That is after your inner journey, in your ordinary daily life.
  • Can I drive after a psychedelic trip?
    Most participants stay overnight with us and drive home the next day. That is not a problem at all. If you want to drive after the session, we must first be able to determine that you are completely in balance and that it is safe. We therefore ask you to be guided by our advice. You may be more tired than you realize.
  • Can I go back to work after a psychedelic journey?
    That is possible, but we advise you to take the space to reflect and integrate what you have experienced. In the days after a session, you are still very 'open' and information comes in a lot. You've been in a mental shower; take your time to land before you get caught up in the daily grind.
  • Why is Ayahuasca not recommended in some cases?
    In addition to medical contraindications, especially because you have to have a certain balance in yourself, to be able to handle the 'other world' that you enter, under the influence of a mind-altering substance. You need to be able to regulate yourself somewhat, if old pain or suppressed emotions surface during a journey. Of course we help with this, but in the end most Wisdom comes from your Self. A solid mental balance is a good starting point to experience a psychedelic experience and to be able to interpret it so that you can benefit from it in your daily life.
  • I would like to come with a friend, is that possible?
    Yes you can. It can be very nice to share your experience with someone close to you. Or with a group of people. Sharing such a special experience is good for your process, if you have never experienced a psychedelic journey yourself, it is best to remain abstract for the listener. Many journeys are about various forms of love and loving. You feel a different contact, on a deeper level. Being able to share this with a partner or a loved one is wonderful.
  • Is there a Shaman present?
    At MindTravellers, we represent traditional knowledge with modern science. We do not have Shamans but skilled facilitators who work with music, who are energetically sensitive and above all with passion and compassion guide your journeys. There is certainly room for the mystical and spiritual experiences that people often go through - however, we leave it to the process unfolding how the healing and power of the plate medicine unfolds, without our influence.
  • I find it exciting
    We understand. Finding it exciting is fine and happens a lot. However, if it scares you, that's something we'd like to talk to you about. We are here for you, to answer all your questions as best as possible. It may be that a truffle trip suits you better. Relinquishing control can be an inner struggle; we help you with this as best we can.
  • How are you received?
    After arrival we first drink a cup of tea and introduce ourselves. Then we start with a ceremony information session, which lasts about an hour. In this we explain how we work together with the plant medicine and with each other, how we ensure safety for each other. After this, everyone can ask their own questions so that everyone can start their journey at their leisure. Then everyone can choose their mattress and we open the ceremony.
  • I've heard you always have to throw up with Ayahuasca, is that right?
    The Ayahuasca journey usually starts with a "cleansing". That can mean vomiting, diarrhea, nausea. This is a natural process usually at the beginning of a session. It allows you to release emotional blockages. This cleanse is not only for the body but also for the soul.It is a literal form of 'surrender'. After that, a visual phase often starts where you can see shapes and things on multiple dimensions; it can seem as if you yourself are a form or part of something that you have not seen before. Try to act like a curious scientist discovering something for the first time.
  • I ate something before the ceremony that is not according to the diet, is that bad?
    That's not necessarily very bad. You may be slightly more likely to experience nausea or headaches. We always advise you to come as 'clean' and rested.
  • At what time do our ceremonies start?
    The private ceremonies start at 9:00 AM and are usually finished around 6:00 PM. The two-day group ceremonies start at 12:00 noon until approximately 11:00 the next day The 3-days also start at 12:00 PM to approximately 11:00 AM, two days later.
  • Waarom een overnachting?
    Na de maaltijd en het napraten s'avonds is het fijn om te blijven slapen en de volgende dag de sharing mee te maken, het eerste deel van de integratie. Het slapen na de reis is een belangrijk deel van de verwerking. We bieden alle faciliteiten die nodig zijn om comfortabel te zijn, we hebben ook douches. Onze focus ligt op het waarborgen van een veilige en ondersteunende omgeving, zodat je na de ceremonie de tijd kunt nemen die je nodig hebt om weer in balans te komen. Dit kan gunstig zijn omdat je de gelegenheid hebt om de inzichten en ervaringen van de ceremonie in je dagelijks leven te integreren terwijl de herinneringen nog vers zijn. Je kunt rust nemen, reflecteren en de tijd nemen om bewust te zijn van de veranderingen die zich in jezelf hebben voorgedaan.
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