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Depression vs Ayahuasca, a surprising effect.

Everyone feels less than comfortable in their skin from time to time. But what if you wake up with this feeling and go to sleep? What if it starts to dominate your daily life and you start to lose interest in the things around you? Then chances are you are dealing with depression.

This feeling can last for several weeks, months and even much longer. In this, ups and downs are experienced. In 15% there is even chronic depression.

Different types of depression

Depression knows with in different variations.

  • Seasonal depression - These are depressions during a season. Often called winter depression.

  • Postpartum depression - This depression occurs after childbirth due to hormone changes or vitamin and mineral deficiencies scented the pregnancy.

  • Psychotic depression - this form of depression involves thoughts that do not match reality

  • Manic depressive - this also involves a bipolar disorder where mood swings are very large. From very happy and cheerful to negative and gloomy. These fluctuations have a great impact on daily life such as work, family and friends.

  • Dysthymia - a mild form of depression. Describable as dejected feeling

Symptoms in depression.

Depression varies from person to person and feelings are experienced differently by everyone. The approach to depression can also vary from person to person and form to form.

If you experience depression you will always suffer from the following symptoms

  • Feeling gloomy

  • Less pleasure in everything

  • Less interest in everything

In addition, there are other characteristics that may indicate depression.

  • Tired or no energy

  • No desire for sex

  • brooding

  • negative thoughts

  • marked weight fluctuations

  • sleeping problems. both little and more sleep

  • restlessness in the body

  • concentration problems

When do you seek help?

When you experience the above symptoms it is wise to talk to your doctor. He or she can guide you by offering the right help. This may be in the form of medication or discussions with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Forms of treatment

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, several treatments for depression are possible

  • Simple help - Self-help, online help, counseling in sports and exercise.

  • Psychotherapy - psychoterapeutic help for severe or recurring depression

  • Medication - Treating anxiety and somberness through medication

  • Therapy - Brain stimulation through ECT and DBS therapy for severe depression.

  • Special treatments - Light therapy and other treatment methods


Ayahuasca ceremony as a treatment for depression

Another form of treatment for depression is an Ayahuasca ceremony also known as Aiawaska ceremony.

It is scientifically proven that an Ayahuasca experience creates new connections in the brain.

Dr. K.I.M. van Oorsouw, neuropsychologist and connected to the University of Maastricht is involved in the research to explain the life changing experiences with Ayahuasca from a scientific point of view. Mindtravellers cooperates with the University of Maastricht on this research.

The conclusion of her research: Ayahuasca provides long-term improvements in the mental health of clinically depressed patients, highlighting its therapeutic potential.

Read the publication and results of the study here

Depression symptoms? Experience an Ayahuasca Ceremony yourself under the guidance of professionals? Please contact us at or through our website

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